In Influence Wines fourth vintage we have returned to Ovid Farm as our source of fruit. Ovid’s Riesling vines were planted in 2002, as a part of the Edward C. Dalrymple Farms 320 acres of grapes. While the vines are young, the fruit matures under the careful eye of second-generation grape growers, who have been tending vines in the renowned New York State, Finger Lakes region since the early 1960’s. A balance of experience and technology allows Bill Dalrymple to grow some of the best varietals in the region.

Utilizing the resources provided by the Viticulture Department of Cornell University, Ovid Farm is experimenting with the ‘Dosavina’ program to further enhance its efforts in environmental responsibility. ‘Dosavina’ allows growers’ to measure necessary vineyard treatments by leaf count instead of acreage. This reduces spray applications by 33% while maintaining the quality of the fruit grown. Influence Wines is proud to be partnered with Dalrymple Farms and their Eco-friendly practices.

Vineyard Site:
Ovid Farm, Seneca County, Finger Lakes

Soil Type:
Honeoye silt loam and Lansing gravelly silt loam

Riesling clone # 239, rootstock # 3309

2013 Harvest Date:
October 14, 2013

2012 Harvest Date:
October 2, 2012